14 Powerful, Simple, Yet Overlooked Marketing Tips

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14 Marketing Tips That Every Business Owner Should Know!

These tips are listed in no particular order in light of the fact that valid arguments could be made as to which tips are the most important. The objective of listing them is simply to recognize that in essence each one is very important. Enjoy.

  1. People don’t buy products, they’re buying the benefits and solutions they believe the products will provide.
  2. The most important order you ever get from a client or customer is the second order.
  3. Know the power of repetition. Be sure your message is consistent.
  4. Marketing activities should be designed to increase profits, not just sales.
  5. It’s estimated that it costs five times as much to gain a new client or customer as it does to retain an existing one.
  6. Selling what your customers need, instead of what they want, will eventually lead to failure.
  7. Don’t think that a superior product, great technology, or a new innovation will sell itself.
  8. Don’t neglect or ignore your current customers while searching for new ones.
  9. It’s estimated that businesses never hear from 96 percent of their dissatisfied customers.
  10. Fifty percent of those customers who are dissatisfied would do business with the company again … if their complaints were handled satisfactorily.
  11. It is estimated that customers are twice as likely to talk about their bad experiences as their good ones.
  12. Marketing is everyone’s business, regardless of title or position in the business.
  13. Exaggerated advertising claims will often produce expectations that the product or service cannot live up to. The end result is dissatisfied clients and
  14. Get to know your best clients and customers— Who are they? Hint. They are the 20% who account for 80% of your sales revenue.

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