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5 Tips For Creating Engaging Web Content

5 Tips For Creating Engaging Web Content

Great Website Content Is Key For Ranking Higher

Successful companies & brands have recognized that creating great content is the key to ranking well on major search engines. Engaging audiences with original and relevant content has never been so important as it is now. Great web content writers are the new in-demand necessity among corporate and small business teams. With calculated precision company blogs are launched, eBooks are drafted, and industry specific whitepapers are being published.

Google has just recently rolled out some very significant changes to it’s search algorithm. Keywords, although still relevant, are no longer the shoe-in for higher rankings. Major search engines like Google are finally beginning to place a much greater emphasis on unique, engaging web content and are relying less on keyword relevancy and frequency. In light of this emerging shift in what search engines are now looking for when returning search results it’s critical for companies and small businesses to focus on creating original, engaging, web content for their online presence.

5 Tips For Creating Original & Engaging Web Content

    • #1. Create a Title & Opening Line That Pops

Obviously it’s simple to say this but not as simple to pull it off. Nevertheless take some time and be creative, relevant, and catchy with your titles.

    • #2. Use Stats & Facts That Surprise & Arouse Interest

It’s amazing how some facts and figures can really get your attention. Try to use the ones that are not obviously known but are surprising when stated factually.

    • #3. Use Fresh Insights

We’ve all read web content articles that read just like being forced to watch an all too familiar sitcom rerun. “What a waste of my time.”, we all thought after reading such gibberish. Fresh insights within an industry or niche come from effort, attention to detail, and ole’ fashioned creativity and content creation.

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    • #4. Don’t Be Afraid To Break The Rules

Sometimes you have to separate yourself from the herd. Not solely because you intend to do that but because you’re more focused on your message rather than how everyone else is saying it within your industry or niche. Be brave. Be bold. Most importantly “be you” with your web content!

    • #5. Incorporate Great Graphics & Visuals Into Your Content

If an ordinary picture is worth a thousand words then high quality, custom graphics are worth even more! Don’t settle for poorly optimized graphics or illustrations to accent your web content. Even if it means temporarily contracting this task out to a professional web graphics designer it’s well worth the potential damage that poor graphics and illustrations can do to your otherwise great web content.

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