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Small business logos are quite the challenge for small business owners. The process of choosing a professional small business logo is often not given the priority it deserves. On the occasion when it is given credence oftentimes under-funding becomes a major culprit as well. Skimping on logo originality and/or professional logo design services will likely negatively impact your business and it’s brand recognition.

Don’t make the same mistake the vast majority of small business owners make! Give this critical branding principle the all important attention it deserves. Small business logos should consist of more than just your company name. Everything from the font, the colors, the tagline and even graphics quality of the business logo itself convey a very powerful message to your potential customers.

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Small Business Logos… Sending A Message.

What message do you want to convey? Make sure that your brand identity and message are appropriate for your type of business. Don’t just go with an idea simply because you personally like it. Bounce your ideas and logo drafts off of friends, family, and yes… even strangers. Ask for their honest feedback and most importantly pay particular attention to their first impressions. Once you’re settled on your logo you’ll want to create consistency by utilizing it within all of your marketing and communication materials.

Among the great small business logos are those whereby their image is intuitively associated with a company and it’s brand. In essence they simply give people a unique way to remember the business or brand. Just like Targets’ Red Bulls Eye and Nikes’ Swoosh Symbol, great visual logos will make your company more memorable. Aside from the logical reasoning behind this logo and brand association there’s some very well documented studies that support how the brain processes this information and even more importantly for obvious branding reasons… how it retains it. Simply put, you’ll make a more memorable impact when people are easily able to associate your business and brand with both words and a great visual image.

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Experience? Ask for samples of their work and make sure that the samples are actually their designs. Many so called logo designers simply paste up logo templates they have found on the web in an attempt to pass off the creative work as their own. You’re never out of line to actually request contact information from some of their satisfied clients that they have previously designed small business logos for. Personally I never hesitate to give this requested info out to potential clients who are indeed serious about using our small business logo design services. As a matter of fact I feel quite honored to have several very satisfied clients who will gladly offer up their testimonials when politely asked to do so.

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Fees and costs? What deliverables will you receive? Be prepared to ask for three to five design options (revisions) included in the initial fee. You should get both color and black and white digital versions of your small business logos. Professional designers of small business logos should at minimal provide you with the finished logo in the following file formats: EPS or Encapsulated PostScript (vector), JPG, GIF, PNG, and TIFF. You’ll be needing these various file formats of your small business logo for items like business cards, custom stationery, your website, etc.

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At Georgia Web Development we know first hand the challenges you’ll face in deciding on small business logos. We’re here to offer our free expert advice and have more than a decade of experience in creating and designing small business logos for successful brands. We’ll gladly share that knowledge without any fancy sales pitches thrown in (we promise).

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