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In 1996 at 21 years old I ventured my very first small business startup. The fledgling corporation was a health food & vitamin shop located in the small rural town of McRae, Georgia. Talk about an ambitious (naive) challenge for a newbie entrepreneur.

I was selling vitamins in a rural, largely farming based community with a per capita income of around $15,000. Almost 17% of families and 19% of the population were below the poverty line and I went in selling top-of-the-line vitamins (which weren’t cheap).

I grew the business and expanded it from a small downtown shop to a newly built strip mall in the first year. In spite of the multitude of economic and marketing challenges, I found ways to earn a living with it. I kept the doors open for nearly 4 years.

Need I mention that I started that business on an insane, shoestring startup budget of just $700.00? Google wasn’t even founded yet and the commercial use of the internet was still in its infancy. Social networks were non-existent.

The Golden Age of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Marketing

I share that true story with you not just because I want you to know that I’m a veteran entrepreneur myself, although that’s a huge plus for anyone working with me. I share it because I’m thoroughly convinced through hard-won experience that we are living in the greatest era of opportunity for both entrepreneurship and small business marketing success ever known to man.

I’ve been designing, developing and helping clients launch and maintain successful websites and effectively market their brands, products and services online since 2009. The selection of software tools, aps and technologies available today for small businesses to leverage their marketing is mind blowing.

We are living in the greatest era of opportunity for both entrepreneurship and small business marketing success ever known to man. But… can you pull it off?

Chances are you only need to utilize a handful of these platforms and aps. Just as important is the know-how when it comes to effectively using these tools to gain an advantage over the competition.

Knowing which social media platforms to invest time in, how to build and maintain a website that actually works for your business 24/7 and also knowing when it’s time for digital ad spend and where to spend it is critical.

Never before have we witnessed an era of opportunity where literally any small business can reach and engage more people, more frequently and oftentimes for FREE in the history of mankind. If you’re not rocking it in 2020 with your local marketing and reaching your target audience already… something is wrong, Very wrong. Fix it.

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Mark D. Hulett is the Senior eCommerce Website Developer & Designer at Georgia Web Development. His experience and working knowledge of eCommerce, website development and website design spans more than a decade.

Mark responds personally to all inquiries and is more than happy to setup a quick phone call to discuss your current business marketing plan and in turn send over your FREE personalized marketing analysis report filled with actionable tips.