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Getting Your Small Business Featured Online

Having a Small Business Website Is Great but… It’s Not Enough.

It’s 2015 and while the number of small businesses with online presence has increased over previous years, we’re only scratching the surface when it comes to getting those businesses maximum online exposure for their websites.

In early 2015 about 45% of Small Businesses in the U.S. still don’t have a website for their small business or service.

Obviously having a small business website in most cases is better than not having one at all. Yet all too often I see websites for small businesses that are severely under-performing when it comes to driving traffic, sales, leads, and inquiries to the business. In most cases like this the small business website is getting very little to no traffic. Why is this?

Common Factors Among Undiscovered Websites

Several contributing factors are usually at play with the under-performing small business website. When closely evaluating and analyzing these types of under-performing websites for new clients typically I find 3 common key areas that are in dire need of attention.

  • Website Not Submitted To Major Search Engines for Proper Indexing – This critical oversight happens far more frequently than one might expect.
  • Google and Bing Local Business Page Services Not Utilized or Not Properly Linked To The Website – I see this oversight often. In my experience only a few small businesses are actually leveraging these powerful search assets that also assist tremendously with local search.
  • Little To No Dynamic (changing) content on the Website – Most small business websites that are waiting to be discovered lack good, unique, fresh content in the form of blogs, news articles, and resourceful content.

Getting Your Small Business Website Featured Online

Despite what anyone may promise you about your small business website there is no magic bullet or Hocus Pocus SEO campaign that alone will insure you rise to the top of the competitive heap in search results.

In 2015 it’s much more about doing the right things, doing them well, and doing them with consistency over a period of time. Nothing trumps creating great, unique, relevant content and resources to serve up to your small business website visitors. Thankfully for the good guys search engines are becoming more and more technically intuitive about returning quality results in search.

Put These 3 Smart Tips To Get Your Local Business or Service Featured Prominently Online into action and you will be well on your way to insuring your small business website gets featured prominently online.

  • Submit Your Small Business Website To Major Search Engines Like Google and Bing for Proper Indexing – Not submitting your small business website for indexing to major search engines like Google & Bing is similar to building a great attraction for visitors yet never technically informing any relevant authorities that the attraction is open for business. Google and Bing are essentially the “authorities” of the internet so to speak. You’ll definitely want to inform them that your small business website is ready to be indexed and listed in their search results.
    Submit Your Small Business Website To Google for Indexing
    Submit Your Small Business Website To Bing for Indexing
  • List and Verify Your Small Business with Google and Bing & Link Your Local Business Page To Your Small Business Website – Simple, powerful, and FREE! Especially awesome are the Google + Business Pages.
    Claim Your Free Google Plus Business Page & Get Your Small Business Listed/Verified
    List & Verify Your Small Business on Bing
  • Add a Blog, Post, News Article or other Resourceful Content Item To Your Small Business Website – Blogs, News Articles, and unique, relevant content all help to “pull” visitors to your website. It also makes people who read and enjoy that content want to share your small business website as a resource with others. Be original. Be resourceful. Have fun with it! Adding good, quality, original content to your website periodically also signals to search engines that your small business website is dynamic, resourceful, and worth listing in relevant search results.

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