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Born and raised in Sylvester, Georgia, entrepreneur Mark Dykes experienced South Georgia’s prevalent passion toward high school sports early and often. After years of struggling to find the time to fully enjoy that sports tradition while pursuing careers in other fields, he eventually decided to take the leap of faith in trying to connect with the culture by launching In the Game High School Sports Magazine in 2007.

With office locations in both Valdosta, Georgia and Jacksonville, Florida ITG Next has grown into a network of sports media and influence. Their lifestyle apparel clothing line “ITG Next” and print magazine publications are complimented by their constantly updating eCommerce website, seasoned TV show productions, social media engagement, frequent events, branded materials and weekly newsletter.

Since 2015 our friends over at ITG Next have depended on Georgia Web Development for eCommerce website development and design services, website maintenance, support and updates as well as other digital based web services. Being avid High School Sports fans ourselves our ongoing partnership with ITG Next has proved to be a natural fit.

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