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Professional Facebook Business Pages For Businesses, Brands, & Services

Great Facebook Pages Are Essential For Successful Businesses, Brands, & Services

1.19 Billion Reasons To Leverage The World’s Largest Social Network

With it’s 1.19 billion monthly active users and an estimated 4.5 billion likes per day who can argue that any successful business should not have a Facebook Business Page?

Often when met with hesitancy or objection from a client about creating a great Facebook Page for them I lightheartedly, yet in all seriousness, remind them that it doesn’t matter if they personally don’t like or even use Facebook. I remind them that there’s over 1 billion other people who do like Facebook and use it often.

I tell them, “That’s who we’re making the Facebook Page for.” The reality is that they have a wealth of prospects, customers, clients, and employees among that 1.19 billion number and with the Professional Facebook Page I’ll be creating for them we’re going to find and engage as many of them as we can.

Reach The People Who Matter To Your Business The Most

Not only can you reach more people with your Facebook Business Page, you can reach the specific ones who are most likely to become your customers, clients, employees, or partners. A first step in building your Facebook Business Page audience is to encourage your current customers, clients, employees, and partners to like your Page. These are the people most likely to see your posts and updates in their News Feed.

Tips For Maximizing Your Facebook Business Page’s Effectiveness

    • Be Discoverable & Get Your Business, Service, or Brand Found Online

When people search for your Business, Brand, or Service on Facebook, they will be able to find you. When setting up the Facebook Business Page, you’ll want to request a web address like

Getting the right url or web address for your Facebook Business Page makes your Facebook Business Page relatively easy to find. Be sure to include your Facebook Business Page address on your marketing stationary, business cards, and website. In essence your Facebook Business Page is an extension of your business. It’s an awesome tool to share updates and even more importantly a means to “engage” with the those who matter most to your business, brand, or service.

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    • Connect, Captivate, & Engage With Your Audience

There’s likely no other social media platform that’s better designed for one-on-one conversations with your audience than Facebook. Although Google Plus Business Pages are my personal favorite for engaging clients it seems we still have a ways to go with convincing and educating businesses about Google Plus’s unique advantages versus Facebook’s.

While the number of Likes your Facebook Business Page receives is indeed very important, it’s not the most important. All too often I see Facebook Business Page owners focused too heavily on gaining likes versus effectively engaging the audience they already have. Don’t make this critical oversight!

However if your struggling for likes there’s one legitimate service I’d recommend giving a shot. It’s boostlikes. Out of all the “paid” Facebook Like Services out there I can vouch for the quality service they offer. I’m not promoting “paid like or follow services” and have never used one personally but if you’re going to use one they are worth checking out.

Engagement is where it’s at. The true indicator of any business’s social media success is engagement. The few businesses and brands that are effectively engaging their audience are in essence great examples of “Social Media Done Right“. Also don’t use your Facebook Business Page solely as a means to post sales, offers, or other content that would be considered as traditional advertising. Doing so is a sure fire way to alienate your audience and will cause you to lose any traction you’ve gained with your Facebook Business Page rather quickly.

    • Be Original, Be Insightful, Be Responsive

As you share updates, photographs, and other stuff, think about what your audience might find interesting or even inspiring. How should you communicate with them? What ideas or topics do you want to consistently communicate about your organization or it’s services? You should experiment with different types of posts. Does your audience like photos or would they prefer you to share useful links with them? You can find out the answers to such questions rather quickly and easily by utilizing the Facebook Business Page Insights Tool.

Be original and authentic by sharing what you’re genuinely excited or interested about. Be responsive! When people comment on or participate in your discussions, show them that your business is listening. Let them know that you appreciate their engagement and that you care. If you need more time to answer a question, you can let them know that you’re looking into it.

When individuals like, share, or comment on your posts, their friends are also eligible to see those posts in their News Feeds as well! So never forget that your Facebook Business Page’s success is determined by your ability to create Page posts that are interesting and valuable to your audience.

At Georgia Web Development we know first hand the challenges you’ll face in creating and maintaining a successful Facebook Business Page. Over the years we’ve helped literally dozens of businesses, both large and small, leverage the power of Facebook and other social media to successfully engage their audiences. We’re here to offer our free expert advice and we’ll gladly share that knowledge without any fancy sales pitches thrown in… we promise.

If you’d like to take us up on a FREE No Obligation Facebook Business Page Consultation we’d love to hear from you! You can get a free Facebook Business Page Consultation by simply completing and submitting our FREE No Obligation Facebook Business Page Consultation form or feel free to give us a call at 229.234.0181. Best wishes on your Facebook Business Pages!

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– Mark D. Hulett is an accomplished website developer and website designer at Georgia Web Development. His experience and working knowledge of websites and social media marketing spans more than a decade.