Engagement – Building a Loyal Community With Your Website

Engagement… Build a Community of Fans With Your Website

Building Great Online Communities & Engaging Your Fans

You can have the most elaborate and beautiful website on the internet. You can boast thousands of visitors to your website each day but… if your website isn’t effectively engaging your audience then you’re missing out on the most critical piece of the online equation. Engagement is the true measurement of online success. Online Engagement in simple terms is the interaction of customers with one another, with a company or a brand.

Increase and foster online engagement by frequently interacting with your website’s online community. Use FREE social media marketing and make sure that the social media channels that you are using are integrated into your website as well as your community forums, if you’re using forums.

Tips From Google On Engagement & Online Communities

Be sure to grab the FREE Google Worksheet On Engagement & Building Online Communities mentioned in the video! http://www.gybo.com/serve/file/531005

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To Get Engagement… Give It!

Last but certainly not least be responsive! When people comment on or participate in your discussions, show them that your business is listening. Let them know that you appreciate their engagement and that you care. If you need more time to answer a question, you can let them know that you’re looking into it.

At Georgia Web Development we know first hand the challenges inherent in creating and maintaining successful online presence. Over the years we’ve helped literally hundreds of businesses, both large and small, leverage the power of their website to successfully engage their audience. We’re here to offer our free expert advice and we’ll gladly share that knowledge without any fancy sales pitches thrown in… we promise.

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