Website Maintenance… It’s Critical

I’ve developed, designed, and built a lot of websites since I first started back in 2009. Lots of things have changed on the web since then but one thing that hasn’t changed is the need for regular site updates and maintenance. WordPress, WooCommerce, Magneto, and even static HTML and CSS sites will all require routine updates and maintenance. Typically at the outset of a new website project when you’re calculating the total cost of your website you’ll have allocated a budget for ongoing maintenance and support.

As the web evolves so do security vulnerabilities and bugs in the code. Not keeping your website or eCommerce shop well maintained and up to date is a recipe for disaster. It may be working fine today but if you’re not running updates and keeping things neat and tidy on the back-end… the clock of brokenness is ticking my friend. Most CMS (Content Management Systems) like WordPress and Magento routinely roll out updates to their software. While these updates (when applied correctly) usually go off without a hitch… sometimes they don’t.

I can’t count the times personally I have wound up with a broken website after applying a seemingly simple and straightforward update. Fortunately for me web is what I do and being a code guy I can very quickly pinpoint the issue and fix it. If it’s something that’s going to take some time to resolve I can always revert to my backup and keep my website or my client’s website online until the issue is resolved.

For the sake of brevity let me just emphasize that routine website maintenance and updates are critical to the health and success of your website or online shop. If your not necessarily a little tech savvy or somewhat familiar with WordPress, Magneto, WooCommerce, or even plain HTML these routine updates and maintenance tasks can seem a bit daunting. Not to mention the surprise you may have found yourself in if (like many) you didn’t initially figure in things like ongoing maintenance and support when researching the long-term costs of your eCommerce shop.

We just launched what I assert is the most reliable and economical WordPress Website Support + Maintenance Package, Magento eCommerce Shop Support + Maintenance Package and WooCommerce Shop Support + Maintenance Package available anywhere.

Wouldn’t it be reassuring to know you have a professional website developer on tap should something go horribly wrong when you click that “update button”? Maybe like the vast majority of website owners you simply and honestly just don’t have the time nor tech skills to keep your website or eCommerce shop updated and maintained?

Is Your Website Being Neglected?

Is Your Website Being Neglected?

What if you discovered that you could easily afford a website developer to do all the heavy lifting for you? The only thing then you’d need to focus on would be growing your business and you could then leave the mundane website updates and maintenance tasks to an expert. Sure you could still manage your website and add content anyway you deem fit but you’d rest assured knowing that everything’s running smoothly under the hood so to speak.

Reliable and professional website maintenance and support for your website or online shop may not be as expensive as you think. It can however prove to be very expensive to not have it in place should disaster strike. The WordPress Website Maintenance + Support Package and WooCommerce Shop Maintenance and Support Package I began offering my own web clients early on is in my honest opinion (and many other’s) the best value in the industry right now. Both are robust base packages that also allow additional design/development hours to be purchased when needed at a fraction of what most agencies now bill hourly for WordPress and WooCommerce web development and web design.

Very soon we’ll be introducing our big boy, “The Magneto eCommerce Maintenance & Support Package“. We’re going to put more than a decade of Magento development and design experience up for grabs and shake up the Magento work-space somewhat with a very reasonably priced package. It’ll be a plan that the average entrepreneur can easily afford.

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Mark D. Hulett is the Senior eCommerce Website Developer & Designer at Georgia Web Development. His experience and working knowledge of eCommerce, website development and website design spans more than a decade.

Mark responds personally to all inquiries and is more than happy to setup a quick phone call to discuss your project and answer questions.