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“Since practically all of our business is local, why in the world would we need a website?”

Not only is it a common question I get asked but it’s a fair question as well. Now in all honestly I must admit that when I first started out in Small Business Web Development the question did seem a bit silly to me. When confronted with that question I remember thinking things like; Don’t they know that a website would open up a whole new world of exposure for their small business? Do they realize that for the price they are now paying for a front page ad in their local newspaper that we could put their business on the front page of the World Wide Web? Do they truly understand that a website unlike print ad campaigns are not just for a few measly days or weeks  but that their website would be there always, indefinitely, 24/7, 365?

Experience is a wonderful teacher and it wasn’t to long before the answers to my own questions finally dawned upon me. The answers were basically a split yes and no to all of the above. For example: Yes these small business owners knew something about the vastness and reach of the web but no they could not conceive how having a website would add value to their local shop or business. They were simply not aware of the facts.

70% of people research a product or business online prior to buying offline.

As a professional website designer and developer what was obvious to me was in most cases an unknown to the small businesses owner. After all they were mainly experts in their chosen field and I in mine. Since that all important realization I have made a commitment to redouble my efforts at educating and informing. Actually I don’t “sell” much of anything these days. People and companies that “sell” websites are a dime-a-dozen and the internet is saturated with them. Now I do indeed build and design beautiful and awesome websites but there’s a lot more entailed in actually helping small businesses develop and maintain successful online presence than just selling them a website. This I suppose is what separates the mediocre website companies from the great ones.

Your customers are searching for you right now. Will they find you?

In the past couple of years I’m starting to see that there is a greater awareness in the small business community concerning the value and necessity of local companies having a small business website. Although the question gets asked a lot less frequently nowadays as a website designer and developer I’m always eager to share my experience and the valid reasons that support the premise behind my conviction that a professionally developed website is indeed a necessity for any successful small business.


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If you’ve got questions in regards to why online presence is critical for growing your Business or any other web related services being offered in today’s online marketplace I’d love to hear from you! It’s an honor to be able to assist and help not only my clients but all Businesses succeed in the area of Business Web Development.

About The Author:

– Mark D. Hulett is an accomplished website developer and website designer at Georgia Web Development. His experience and working knowledge of websites spans more than a decade.