• Award Winning MAINTENANCE + SUPPORT FOR YOUR WooCommerce Shop

    Since 2008 we’ve been designing, developing, and maintaining WooCommerce Shops all across the internet. Our affordable and reliable WooCommerce Support Service will keep your online shop running smoothly. We can add products, pages, install plugins, add functionality and so much more.

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WooCommerce eCommerce Shop Maintenance Plan & Support Packages Starting At Just 39.95 A Month

Our on-going WooCommerce Shop maintenance packages for your eCommerce website(s) help keep your online shop running smoothly. When something goes wrong, we’ll always make it right. We can add products, pages, enhance features, install plugins, and even more to help ensure your online shop operates at peak capacity. How your WooCommerce Shop is maintained directly impacts your eCommerce website’s success. We’re here to insure your online shop achieves its full potential.

  • WooCommerce eCommerce Basic Maintenance and Support Package Includes
  • eCommerce Shop Warranty
  • If anything breaks on your WooCommerce eCommerce Website(s) at any time during the 12 month period of this maintenance/update plan, it will be fixed without any charge and no hours will be deducted from the monthly allocation of up to 2 hours per month which are included for you to use at your discretion towards things like news articles published, products and pages added/updated, graphics designed etc.

  • 24/7 Up-time Monitoring
  • WooCommerce eCommerce website up-time and performance monitoring, including availability management, bug fixes, and ongoing maintenance (version upgrades, weekly backups, cleanup, etc.)

  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • We respond promptly to requests for support relating to your WooCommerce eCommerce website. Average call back and email response rates in under 30 minutes. (Website Down Support – less than 5 minute response times.)

  • 2 Hours Per Month – WooCommerce eCommerce Developer / Designer Allocation
  • Use these allocated hours for essentially anything related to growing and/or updating your WooCommerce eCommerce Website. Minor content updates and revisions to the site (design, layout and functionality). Submit products, text, pages, and or content articles to be added to the site etc. Any hours that are not used in a month roll over, and do not expire until the end of the annual plan. We send monthly reports on plan hours used (and how they were used), including the number of hours remaining. Additional monthly hours in excess of the 2 hours per month can always be purchased and/or negotiated if you have a work request that would exceed the allocation of monthly hours included in your plan.

  • $39.95 Per Month
  • *12 Month / 1 Year Plan – Paid In Advance @ $479.40

The above list is not an exhaustive list of everything provided in your WooCommerce eCommerce Website Maintenance/Updates Package. It’s simply the basics that are included in the package. Complete the simple form below and we’ll quickly respond with a FREE, detailed maintenance proposal that’s written up exclusively for your WooCommerce Shop!

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